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What is Zolpidem?

Generic name: Zolpidem.

Brand names: Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Zolpimist, Intermezzo.

Drug class: Miscellaneous anxiolytics, sedatives, and hypnotics.

Zolpidem is a drug that is prescribed to adults to help manage insomnia. There are various forms of Zolpidem available, such as immediate-release, which aids in falling asleep, and Intermezzo, which is an immediate-release form used to support falling back to sleep if waking up in the middle of the night.

Ambien CR is the extended-release form with two distinct layers: the first layer dissolves quickly to assist in falling asleep, and the second layer dissolves slowly to aid in staying asleep.

You can purchase Zolpidem online to find the most suitable form. Zolpidem is categorized as a sedative-hypnotic drug, and it works by lowering the brain’s activity to facilitate sleep.

Essential details and warnings of Zolpidem

Do not exceed the suggested dosage or duration when using Zolpidem. Some individuals have

experienced engaging in activities like driving, walking, making phone calls, or having sex without any memory of the events. If this occurs, inform your medical practitioner.

Please do not give this medication to another person, even if they are experiencing the same symptoms as you. The recommended doses of Zolpidem differ for men and women, and this medication is not intended for use in children.

Avoid buying Zolpidem online if you have consumed liquor during the day or just before going to bed.

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Before using Zolpidem and precautions

Do not take Zolpidem if you are allergic to it or if you have experienced amnesia after taking sleep medication. Zolpidem may contain lactose, so inform your physician if you have galactose intolerance or severe lactose intolerance.

Before using Zolpidem, let your medic know if you have a history of lung disease, depression, drug or alcohol addiction, myasthenia gravis, or liver or kidney disease.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Please avoid ordering Zolpidem online if you are currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Using this medication during the final three months of pregnancy could potentially harm the unborn baby. If you are pregnant, your name may be included in a pregnancy registry to monitor the impact of Zolpidem on the infant.

Consult with a pharmacist to determine if it is safe to breastfeed while taking this medication. If you are breastfeeding, notify your healthcare provider if you observe increased drowsiness, breathing difficulties, or weakness in the nursing infant. Refrain from breastfeeding within 23 hours after taking Zolpidem.

Zolpidem uses instructions

Take it exactly as specified by your pharmacist.

Take Zolpidem just before bedtime on an empty stomach. Let the orally disintegrating tablet dissolve in your mouth without chewing, swallowing, or drinking water.

Do not use the orally disintegrating tablet for insomnia if you wake up in the middle of the night unless you have at least 4 hours of sleep time left before being active.

Zolpidem is a medication that will help you to fall asleep. If you use this medicine, it is important to have a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep before being active again.

If you suddenly stop using Zolpidem, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

Consult your physician before discontinuing the medication. Keep Zolpidem in its original container until you are ready to use it, and store it at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and light.

Dosing guidance

The usual adult dose for insomnia

IR tablets, oral spray, and sublingual tablets

  • Initial dose: Women: 5 mg once before bedtime.
  • Men: 5-10 mg once daily before bedtime.
  • Maintenance dose: 5 to 10 mg once before bedtime.
  • Maximum dose: 10 mg per day

In a similar way, Zolpidem is prescribed for insomnia and other purposes. If you are looking for complete guidance on dosing, you must check our product section or place your order to buy Zolpidem online.

Pills identification

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Strength: 5 mg

  • Imprint: E 78
  •  Color: White
  • Shape: Round.

Strength: 10 mg

  •  Imprint: E 79
  •  Color: White
  • Shape: Oval.

Strength: 12.5 mg

  •  Imprint: LU E62
  •  Color: Blue
  •  Shape: Round.

These are a few strength details of Zolpidem that you can easily identify with the help of its strength and order Zolpidem online with the required strength.

Adverse effects

Adverse effects may include anaphylaxis, changes in behavior, withdrawal, and depression of the central nervous system (CNS). In rare cases, patients have reported tongue, larynx, or glottis swelling, known as angioedema.

Patients have exhibited unusual aggressiveness and extroversion, which is not typical of their usual behavior. Those with alcohol or drug toxicities have experienced auditory and visual hallucinations along with strange behavior and agitation.

There have also been reports of “sleep-driving,” where a patient drives while not fully awake after taking a sedative-hypnotic with no memory of the event.

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