Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Welcome to Cloud Medics, your reliable online pharmacy, for a simple and safe drug and medication buying experience. Please take a moment to review our extensive shipping policy below to guarantee that our services are transparent and clear.

Service Countries

At Cloud Medics, we deliver all our products in the United States and Canada.

Your benefits

You may choose from the following options to get benefits such as

Gift Card (10% OFF) [Amex Gift Card]: You can enjoy a 10% exclusive discount by choosing the Amex Gift Card from our Cloud Medics.

COUPON Code: You may save up to a 10% discount by using the SAVE10 code at Cloud Medics.

Bitcoin (15% OFF): If you are a person who prefers to pay through cryptocurrency, Bitcoin payments can help to provide you with a 15% discount.

Bitcoin Cash: By choosing Bitcoin Cash, you may get a 10% instant discount.

Payment Methods

We at provide a variety of payment methods that you may choose according to your preferences.

Here is a list of payment methods that you may select:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin

Delivery services

Our mission is to provide quick and safe delivery of medications and healthcare products to your home. You may choose from the following delivery services:

FedEx (Overnight Delivery) – If you choose this delivery service for your products, you have to pay a $50 shipping fee. This is suitable for those looking for quick delivery or overnight delivery from Cloud Medics.

USPS (2-3 Days) – It is a cost-effective option, and you can choose it for just $35. If you want your medicines in 2-3 days, you may go with this at our Cloud Medics.

Billing details disclaimer

The privacy and security of your data are top priorities to us at Cloud Medics. Importantly, we follow privacy standards and handle billing information with the utmost care.

More about billing details

Your billing information is handled with the utmost security and secrecy. Modern encryption technology is what we use to safeguard your information during the payment process. To guarantee that orders are processed successfully, proper and current billing information must be provided.

We want to reassure you that Cloud Medics takes all necessary precautions to protect your data because we recognize how sensitive personal and financial information can be. We pledge to establish a safe online space for your peace of mind.

Shipping Process

Once your medication/healthcare product is confirmed, our team works hard to process and ship it as soon as possible. Here is an overview of our shipping process:

Order Confirmation: You will receive order confirmation in the form of an email once you complete your purchase from Cloud Medics. You may review the details to ensure accuracy.

Order Verification: For completion of your order, our healthcare team will verify the billing details provided during the checkout process. You must have valid shipping details, email, contact number, and payment modes, to facilitate the drug delivery process.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs/amounts are generally based on your chosen delivery service mentioned above. You may choose any of them according to your budget and preferences.

Thank You for choosing Cloud Medics as your reliable online pharmacy.